Builders Hut Clash of Clans Hack

Builders Hut Clash of Clans Hack – The Builder’s Hut Clash of Clans Cheat is really a Glitch to move buildings around on the map were ever you would like for the best strategy.

We have many Cheats for Clash of Clans on our site for Game Players. But the Builders Huts are needed for your Strategy of building the Best Base to Dominate the Realm.

The Builders Hut Cheat has been shown by many people on YouTube. This video by NoteWorthyGames demonstrates it probably the best that we have seen online.

Builders Hut Clash of Clans Hack – Strategy

The Builder’s Hut and Gems are very important since it is the foundation of building your base.

The beginning of the Game after the tutorials leaves you with 2 Builders Huts with another 3 Builders Huts available to be purchased with your Gems.

It is recommended to purchase these Builders Huts as soon as possible! The Strategy of the Game Clash of Clans is to establish your Builders Huts which each come with one Builder.

The Builders can upgrade the Structures of your Base. The YouTube video below is probably a good one for understanding Builders, Builders Huts and Your Clash of Clans Strategy for Game Play in Level 3.

Builders Hut Clash of Clans Hack – Free

The 3rd Builder costs 500 gems. You will not have enough Gems on you to make the purchase in the beginning.

However you can complete an achievement called “Sweet Victory” that gives you 450 Gems. This is a majority of what it takes to get your 3rd Builder. The “Sweet Victory” achievement requires you to reach a total amount of 1250 Trophies from attacking in Multiplayer.

The 4th Builders Hut can be done without spending Gems which is Shown in this YouTube Video. We think this video is Best to explain the way to get your Clash of Clans Builders Hut for FREE.

Builders Hut Clash of Clans Hack – Glitch

There are Clash of Clans players posting many videos on Getting FREE Gems which can then be used for resources like gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems.

This Guide below by Patrick from Play Clash of Clans shows you the most common way players are getting Gems for Clash of Clans for FREE to spend on building in Game Play.

Getting Gems for FREE is great but your also need to know the Best Way to Use your FREE Gems to help you when playing Clash of Clans. Please watch the following video for all this information…

Clash of Clans Builders Hut Destroyed

Players will look for your Builders Huts or other Buildings in the corners to Destroy.

By placing one or two Barbarians or Archers at each building at the start of Game Play will combat this and avoid getting your Builders Huts Destroyed.

The video above also is good for understanding how to avoid getting your Builders Huts destroyed by players. Remembering every time destruction happens in Game Play it costs you GEMS to rebuild what has been destroyed!